How to add RSS to your Website

If you want to take content that is somewhere else and “embed” it into your web page you can do this with an RSS feed.
Step 1: Locate the content you want to copy.
In my case, I chose to copy from I then went to Google Feedburner and logged in with my Gmail account.  I entered the URL of the website that I wanted to copy then clicked the Next button.
Create a Feed
After you click the button – this page will load that gives you the link to the feed and feed address.
Google Feed Burner
Step 2: Generate a code snippet of the feed that you’ll later insert into your web page.
Go to this website:
In the first field, type the Feed Address (the 3rd box in the image above.)

create rss feed

You can then change the color of the links, background, etc. and then click the Create Widget button at the bottom of the page. On the top right side of the page you will now see what the content will look like on your web page. If you want to adjust any of the colors or change the height and/or width of the area that will display the content, do so and then click the Create Widget button again.
creating the RSS Widget

Look at the bottom right side of the page – just under the Widget Preview and you’ll see a little box of code. Place your cursor inside this box and double-click until all of the content is highlighted then right-click and choose Copy.

copy paste code

Step 3: Insert the Code Snippet of the Widget into your Web Page.

Open up any of your existing web pages (or create a new one) and inside of the body tags, place your cursor and right-click then choose Paste.
paste code into website

Save your web page and you’ll now be able to see the RSS feed in your website. Here is a screenshot of what my web page looked like:

RSS feed on website
Now you know how to add content from other websites onto your own. There are many reasons why you might want to do that but this blog post is not going to cover that topic.

Next, I will work on converting the above to a mobile phone app using PhoneGap.


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